20 Passenger Minibus Rental

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20 Passenger Minibus

Explore with no regrets the Universal Bus Charter’s services on 20 Passenger Minibus. We grant success group transportation all across the Washington metropolitan.

You plan, and we help you organize and excellently fulfill your group transportation wishes. Yes, that’s what makes us any different from the rest of the companies. Universal Bus Charter is a widely known transport hire company all across the Washington metropolitan. We deliver inequitably top services from the classic fleet and excellent quality customer services we offer.

Our 20 Passenger Minibus is one of our pride fleets. As of what you would expect from us, this model is not of any less superiority when it comes to comfort and luxury. Like the rest of our minibus fleets, it comes with the topmost and modern features amenities. Not even on a long-distance journey that you will feel exhausted. Before you notice you’ve been on board for too long, you will already be at your destination.

So what makes this minibus rental a go-to choice for many? Below are the main contributing features.

Key Features Of The 20 Passenger Minibus Rental

  • Climate-controlled cabins: The vehicle features air-conditional amenities that maintain favorable temperatures inside.
  • Highly comfortable seats: Cushioned, reclining seats
  • Luggage racks above the seats
  • PA system

Our 20 Passenger Minibus fleet drivers

Universal Bus Charter so much minds your safety every time you are traveling with us. One of our ways to ensure so is that we hire professional drivers with a quality experience. Before any assignment, we undertake them through a quality vetting procedure to only pick the best.

Also, on this, our drivers are from the local region. Hence, you will find that if you are hiring our services in Virginia, your assigned driver will be a person from that region. Same to while traveling in Maryland or District of Columbia. We do this to ensure you have someone who knows the safe and fastest routes to various destinations within the region. Also, if you are visitors, they can suggest you the best hotels and restaurants you can find around.

Our drivers will be with you mainly to drive. Do not, therefore, expect that they will limit you on anything. They will let you listen to the music types you want, chat the best way you know with your group, and much more. They are quite friendly and will be willing to share with you a few stories.

Making A Quote For The 20 Passenger Minibus Rental

Our fleet on 20 Passenger Minibus is always ready for any reservations on any day. Once you’ve certified that you want one, next will be to make reservations. You can do this in multiple ways; call us or visit our booking site. It is fast and more comfortable this way. Otherwise, you always have the option of visiting our offices available in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC.

Our customer care team is always standby on 24/7 mode, ready to take your calls and give you the right directions on our services. We handle you with the dignity you deserve because, to us, you are the king, and we are your servants.

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