28 Passenger Minibus Rental

Hight-End and Affordable 28 Passenger Minibus Rental

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28 Passenger Minibus Rental

Universal Bus Charter’s Minibuses Rental comes with the best accommodative features for any group transportation. We are the best you are looking to go-to.

The 28 Passenger Minibus is a fleet that you need for accommodative, luxurious travel. For its design purpose, these vehicles come with excellent engine capability and structural design to support its carriage capacity.

In its multipurpose usage, it well fits several events types. You can hire it for wedding transportation, sports, and tournaments, parties, or even funeral, among many others. Some will also want it for a tour or a trip around our major cities of operations; Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland.

Key Features

Below are the top distinctive features

  1. Luggage storage: Thr vehicle comes with a spacious overhead luggage storage cabin
  2. Cushioned, reclining seats: This feature ensures you have a comfortable sitting even for a long-distance journey.
  3. WiFi and power outlets: You only need to have your devices and a charger to stay online and never receive low battery notifications on your devices while onboard.
  4. TV monitor, DVD player, and AM/FM: The vehicle has all these to keep you entertained and informed throughout your journey.
  5. Climate-controlled cabin
  6. Public Address System

All the above features ensure you enjoy your ride as a group in its full capacity. It is even better than most of them are customizable. For instance, you can relax your seat to your preferred angle, connect your phone to the internet then browse while listening to music via your headsets. How luxurious!

One more enticing feature  is the ample head space and legroom. These, too, add tremendously to the comfort you earn from the onboard sitting platforms. Ample legroom allows you to stretch your legs, achieving the most comfortable positions. The headspace also will enable you to stand efficiently without knocking your head on the overhead luggage cabin.

Universal Bus Charter services on 28 Passenger Minibus fleet

It is one of out best minibus fleet we recommend for travel groups of passenger less than 28. It is a comfortable and luxurious ride everyone onboard enjoys. The booking procedure for this fleet is easy and straightforward. You can always log in to our quote site and make your reservations.

Similarly, you can make a call to our customer care team. They are always available 24/7 to help you with your queries and inquiries.

Also we offer licensed drivers hired from around. These offers you a great advantage. If you are visitors looking for a nice hotel around our Universal Bus, Charter drivers will give you the best guide. They will direct you to the best local restaurants where you can spend your nights or have meals and hold group events. Also, because of their great familiarity with the regional roadmaps, they will always drive you fast to your destination using the safest and shortest routes.

We Offer Best for Every Package?

Universal Bus Charter gives you the best for every package and fleet it offers. The 28 Passenger minibus has the best to provide interns with not only ample sitting spaces but other quality amenities as well. Give yourself a try on it. We offer 24/7 services, which you can take advantage of any time you wish. We are highly flexible in adapting to your travel preferences.

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