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The 30 Passenger Minibus from Universal Bus Charter covers it all for your group travels. We grant you the best travel arrangements.

For an airport to airport transfers services, trips, and tours, across Washington metropolitan, Universal Bus Charter, we are the best. We provide exclusively excellent services to any group wishing for a well-organized group travel system.

Our operation covers regions of Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC. Next time, therefore, you are organizing your next trip in this region, know that were are right under your nose. Universal Bus Charter has lots of fleets. The 30 Passenger Minibus Rental is only one of them which represents the quality and top-class rental buses we have.

The vehicles in this fleet come with super-end onboard amenities to keep you not only safe but ultimately comfortable. No matter the distance you will be covering, our minibus grants you the laxity and home-like environment until your destination.

Key Features Of The 30 Passenger Minibus Rental

The following features describe more the benefits of choosing this fleet for your travels.

  1. Climate-controlled cabin: This feature allows you to select the desired temperature and maintain it. When it is winter, for instance, inside the vehicle, you may not need sweaters when your temperature settings are high enough.
  2. Comfortable seats: The minibus comes with highly cushioned, reclining seats for much greater flexibility and comfort.
  3. Entertainment: Onboard entertainment is a feature all our fleets have. On this bus, we have TV monitors and DVD players to keep passenger on board entertained. The choice on the program to watch and audio to listen to always remains on you as a group.
  4. Luggage storage: Our minibus offers ambient space for luggage storage. Apart from the lower boot storage space, there is an overhead one for smaller items.
  5. AM/FM radio: You can tune to any channel you want.
  6. Public Adress System: Our minibus offers a highly convenient possibility to conduct a meeting inside it. The PA systems available inside it are highly effective for public address and communication.
  7. WiFi and power outlets: Onboard, you can remain online and use your devices throughout the journey without any limitations. The WI-FI strength is high, and the power output highly convenient for any user. Do not forget your charger, though. The bus only has power sockets.
  8. Head and legroom: Tall or short, the minibus is very much accommodative of any height. The space above your head and at your legs is always ample enough to grant you absolute comfort.

The 30 Passenger Minibus is a desirable fleet you might want to consider for your next travel. Our rates on it are what you can afford as we try to accommodate everyone’s budget.

So how do our 30 Passenger Minibus services operate?

If you’ve decided to go-by this fleet, then follows the booking procedure. Ours is very simple. You can always make your reservations directly through our site by filling in a few fill-outs. Here, you will have to provide specific details, for instance, your name, pick up location and times, and destination. Otherwise, you can always call us at any time, and we will help you get your quote with less effort on your side.

On this fleet like in any other, we offer quality hospitality services starting with our customer care units. We as well provide secure payment services you can trust. Your financial information and details will ever remain confidential with us.

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