55 Passenger Coach Bus

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55 Passenger Coach Bus

Universal Bus Charter has one of the best 55 Passenger coach bus, the Coach Bus Rental. It is one spacious group travel vehicle with amenities you like.

Organising and accomplishing group travels in the East Coast has never been any easy without the highly reputed Universal Bus Charter. We are the apple’s eye company when it comes to providing quality pick-up services for group transport and deliveries. Our services on these speak for themselves; high affordability despite the luxury and exhaustive heart-melting services right from the moment you call.

Among our fleet is the 55 Passenger Coach Bus. It is one of our best – built with great professionalism and design to accommodate travel to any destination. Whether you want it for a wedding, holiday tour, funeral, or any other, they are always the elite choice. Unlike the other typical rusty low-class buses you see on the streets, this fleet comes with a new descent look. You will surely, admire it when it arrives to pick you up.

Key Features of the 55 Passenger Coach Bus

We do not receive applause and recommend our fleets for nothing. Our 55 Passenger Coach Bus is a top-class design with spectacular features unique to itself and our brand. Here are the very top ones you should know.

  1. Luxury Seats: Maybe all the rest of the pick-up travel companies would claim this as well. However, what is offer is more than your typical imagination. Our leather designed seats come with easy to control reclining feature, and quality back support to keep you comfortable even on a long journey.
  2. Sufficiently ample legroom: Our 55 Passenger Coach Bus offers the most sufficiently ample legroom. It, therefore, allows you to comfortably shift your leg’s to earn the most comfortable position you want.
  3. Large Luggage cabin: This bus comes with both overhead cabins and boot for luggage storage. Because of its large passenger capacity, the spaces are always plentiful and highly accommodative.
  4. Luxury: Long travels at times, need relaxation, and making yourself feel at home in your lounge relaxing. Our bus has a way of making you get the experience. The coach has a TV, WI-FI, and charging ports. With your seat reclined, you can stretch your legs, watch TV or browse through the internet and charge your phone when its battery runs low. How incredible!

Why go for 55 Passenger Coach Bus?

Apart from these world-class features, as Universal Bus Charter team, our fleets always have professionals to attend to you. Our customer care team composed of polite, easy to communicate with professionals. At any time you call, they will be ready to help you out on directions concerning our services. We are an open company always prepared to listen to you and give the best service solution you want on transportation all across the East Coast.

Note that, the 55 Passenger Coach Bus is not the only fleet we have. There are many others you might consider. However, that will depend on how many you are in your group. Our 28 Passenger Minibus, for instance, is very elite for a travel group of only a few. Otherwise, you can go for the rest of our fleets, which offer larger passenger capacity.

Universal Bus Charter is a 24/7 working company ready to organise and fulfil your group travels. You can always reach us on+1-877-223-0984 today and make your quote. We will handle the rest for you.

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