Living with a disability shouldn’t keep you from making some astounding memories voyaging. If you need an ADA-open contract transport, just let Universal Bus Charters know at the time you reserve your spot. However long you advise us in any event 48 hours before your outing leaves, we’ll get you an available transport that meets every single government guideline. What’s more, the more notification ahead of time we have, the more we can redo the transport to your particular necessities.

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Call our outreach group at +1-877-223-0984 and we’ll assist you with deciding the number of open transports to book to oblige your whole gathering. In case you’re hard of hearing or nearly deaf, you can email us at Accessible available highlights include:

  • A wheelchair lift
  • Ample space in aisles
  • Seating spaces where wheelchairs can be attached for voyagers who can’t move
  • On-board bathrooms with railings alongside the latrine

Many types of transport likewise accompany highlights that advantage all travelers yet can be particularly useful for those with ongoing sicknesses or incapacities:

  • Environment control
  • Leaning back seats with space to extend your legs
  • Gear extra room and overhead extra room so you don’t need to keep packs before or around you
  • Experienced drivers who realize where to get and drop off travelers
  • Earphone jacks for TVs (accessible upon demand)
  • Blue-ray player to play shut inscription DVDs

chance to explore the world

Chance to explore the world

Each individual merits the opportunity to investigate the world. On the off chance that you have inquiries regarding our available highlights or need to demand an element not recorded above, contact our every minute of everyday agents at +1-877-223-0984 or We’re here to help.