Lots of work without resting or play makes you dull; that is what they say. One purpose for contributing to the existence of amusement parks is to offers a unique, profoundly relaxing environment. Many come to these places to recollect and release themselves of stress by having all kinds of fun. In Universal Bus Chater, we offer a service package for this. In it, we provide exorbitant transportation services to various groups coming and going out of the different amusement parks within the East Coast.

For long, our services have been on the lead all because we first put our clients’ travel preferences. Starting from our reception desk, we receive you with kindness and dignity. For any enquiries on our packages, we always have a dedicated team ready to answers all your questions on the services we provide. We believe in giving you the best in each of our packages any time you make a quote. You can, therefore, consider making your quote with us on the amusement park trips and experience what we mean.

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What To Expect On Amusement Park Trips Package

Our amusement park trips package comes with lots of interesting features you will like. Top among these include the following.

1. Timely pick-ups and drops

All our operations at Universal Bus Charter involves quality time management. We never want you to be late for any event happening at the park. For this reason, we always keep any travel detail required for your trip ready waiting for you.

For better timing also, we hire our drivers from the local regions. The contribution of this is that they are always familiar with the safest and shortcut paths to your destinations. They will avoid the jammed roads and arrive at your terminus on time.

Universal Bus Charter only has new and highly-maintained vehicles, which rarely breaks down. Because of this, they can move with the fast speeds wanted to reach your destinations soon enough.

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2. Quality Feature Amenities

The main fleets we recommend for amusement trips comprise the charter buses and minibuses. They come with;

  • Reclining seats 
  • Quality music systems 
  • Ample legroom 
  • WIFI and power outlets, among many others.

Note that some of these, at least most of them you will also find in other fleets such as our stretched limousines. You may not, however, need to hire a limo to go to an amusement park trip. Vans, SUVs, and Sedan cars will do.

3. Ultimate safety

At Universal Bus Charter, safety travelling is paramount to us. To achieve this, we have hired professional drivers with valid licenses on each fleet. Also, all our vehicles come with a GPRS tracking system. Whenever we spot abnormal stoppage or disconnection with the driver, we have a follow-up team to ensure your journey remains safe. An addition to our safety precautions is that all our payout procedures are ever safe. We keep all your financial details confidential.

4. High flexibility

Our company embraces so much of flexibility in our services. In this package, we allow change of routes as long as you pay for it. From the park, if you choose not to go to your earlier described destination, you can request a change in your routes with no bureaucracy. You only need to communicate with us, and we will adjust to your plans.

Booking For The Amusement Park Trips Package

If you are having a planned event at the park, you can plan with us early enough. If you are sure of our reservation procedures already, you can log onto our page and make your quotes in no time. If you are not sure, our lines are always open. You can call to get the best advice from our team on our services and packages.

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