Medical Emergency For Coronavirus COVID-19

Medical Emergency in Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland are no exception from the world’s recently epidemic, the coronavirus. Like in any other part of the globe, its impact has remained torturous to the general economy. Even as it continues threatening lives, the health departments are finding it even rougher. With their unlimited ambulances, quick responses to emergencies are slowly getting overwhelmed. However, this should not worry you.

At Universal Bus charter, we have organized a charter bus for a medical emergency. Our company has a wide range of fleets; Coach Busses, minibusses, cars, vans, limousines, and SUV. Depending on your capacity, you can always make a quote for any. Mostly in a medical rush situation, you may not need a luxury 56 sealer bus. A car, van, or an SUV will ideally be suitable.

Our fight On Coronavirus

Owing to the quick spreading of the virus, we have put in significant measures to ensure more safety in our services. Among these are precautions to ensure it does not spread anyway through our fleets. Here are our set standards towards this guarantee measure.

  • Half passenger number
    Close social distance, in most cases, has proved to be a more reliable way through which the coronavirus gets to transfer from one person to the next. To avoid this, therefore, we are our fleets only carrying half the passenger number it should. I.e., two seats for one person. A 14 seat Van would, therefore, ferry a maximum capacity of 7 passengers.
  • Our drivers will wear a hazardous suit
    Body contact with a corona infected person presents a higher risk of acquiring the infection as well. The specialized suit for our drivers will, therefore, keep them safe throughout the journey.
  • Disinfecting fleets
    Before any next travel, we always have reliable cleaning procedures enacted on all our fleets. This time, we use high-quality disinfectants to sanitize surfaces to kill any gems and so virus. It will, therefore, be safe to board any of our fleets.
  • 24/7 transportation services
    We are not giving a chance to any eventualities due to coronavirus. Day and night, our universal bus charter is always ready to ferry you to the hospital for fast medical attendance. Call us anytime, and we will respond

The strain being felt by the health system on the East coast currently is quite overwhelming. The surging daily number of suspected cases cannot fit in the health facilities available. Because of this, there are now three drive-through screening and testing sites.

One major problem with these options is that they are never reliable, and it is a struggle to get proper testing. The options lack the best testing kits for accurate results. Many therefore prefer going to the best hospitals whenever they experience any of the coronavirus symptoms.

Here is where we now fit in. Through our charter bus service for coronavirus COVID-19 we provide quick response to any of your travel orders.

Quick Medical Emergency Responses services

Before your ambulance arrives, we will be at your doorstep long ago. Universal Bus Charter is an immediate response transportation agency that now puts more effort in saving lives during this corona crisis. We offer 24/7 quality services and always have enough fleets ready for your quote. Our services are nationwide, and anybody living cities of Washington, Virginia, or Maryland can always find us.

Our vehicles will always rush you to any of the reliable hospitals near you. However, we will as well, so much consider your wishes. For those living in the Washington area, if you prefer MedStar Washington Hospital Center and not Sibley Memorial Hospital, we will respect that. The same applies to those in Virginia and Maryland. Our universal bus charter We have drivers from the local. Meaning, they will be able to know the shortest and safest routes to any of your destinations.

How To Find Us

Universal Charter Bus, we are the East coast best transportation agency you can go-to. Our contribution to COVID-19 fight involves our ready fleets for medical emergency responses. Now you can hire our charter bus for a medical emergency and many others for quick and reliable transportation. Call us now on (703)823 0000 to get your quote.

Or, depending on your location, Washington DC, Virginia or Maryland, you can reach us through the following specific contacts. DC Bus Charter 202-558-4001. VA Bus Charter 703-823-0000. MD Bus Charter 301-358-4141. Fax 703-536-8903