Transform your bus into a mobile billboard with a vibrant bus wrap! Also known as automobile wraps, these specially printed films can give your vehicle a striking new appearance with bold colors and sharp illustrations. Ideal for marketing purposes, bus wraps turn your fleet into effective branding tools, conveying reliable and branded messages wherever they go. Explore the power of bus wraps for your organization and stand out on the road with eye-catching designs and impactful messaging.

What is a Bus Wrap?

A bus wrap, more generally known as a automobile wrap, is a specially printed film that is applied to a bus, car, van etc. When applied, the wrap can convert the vehicle’s look with bold colors and sharp illustrations.
Many organizations use bus wraps to turn their busses into marketing tools. A wrapped bus is a moveable billboard that can communicate a variety of reliable, branded messages


Bus wrapping is the perfect way to maintain a professional image while promoting your brand.

Whether it’s a single bus for a small organization, or a entire fleet, Universal Bus Charter can help. Universal bus Charter  offer the perfect mix of functionality with cost-effectiveness. The nature of vehicle wraps also ensures the installation process is much faster in comparison to any other methods. So whether you’re looking for an ongoing maintenance contract, or a single custom designed bus wrap, Universal Bus Charter is here to help your vision become reality. All bus wraps are custom created and prices will vary depending on the size of the wrap and the graphics required to create it. For a quote on a bus wrap for your charter – please call us today at; +1-877-223-0984

Bus wraps are pretty simply the most actual form of advertising your brand on the roads. That’s why we want to put the buses into your business or Products. You can check out Our amazing bus wraps for some ideas about how you can use wraps to make your business stand out from the crowd. Universal Bus Charter offers a wide variety of bus wraps to fit your budget and all types of automobiles including:

  • 55 Passenger Charter Bus
  • 35 Passenger Minibus Rental
  • 35 Passenger Party Bus
  • 30 Passenger Minibus
  • 30 Passenger Party Bus
  • 28 Passengers Minibus
  • 28 Passenger Party Bus
  • 20 Passengers Minibus
  • 20 Passengers Party Bus
  • 14 Passenger Sprinter
  • 14 Passengers Van
  • 10 Passenger Limo Sprinter

How To Book

Before going on with the booking on this package, you must confirm it is what you want. From there, you can proceed with the quote making procedure. It will only take you a moment of your time. Note that providing accurate details on your journey trip will be essential to avoid any inconvenience.

Our help team can always help you with any of these – give us a call specifying your bus wrap details, and we will help. If you can reach our main office at Universal Bus charter, Inc. 601 13th street suite 900 south Washington, DC, 20006, then you can make your reservations from there.

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