Church and Religious Groups Tours


Are you looking for transportation services? For your church and religious groups tours then no need to worry. A universal bus charter is ready to assist you in planning a smooth bus ride to any event. Call us today with the details of your future trip, and we’ll give you a price in minutes!

Why to choose us ?

Renting a bus from us is cost-effective, safe, and dependable. We understand that church and religious groups tours don’t often have large budgets and rely on contributions or fundraisers, which is why our buses are a fantastic option. We can assist you with everything from simple local transportation to luxurious coach-type buses for group trips.

We know that

Church trips and events are all about camaraderie, bonding, and exchanging religious experiences. Our cars are ideal for transporting your party to and from your location. The journey is made more pleasurable when you have modern conveniences like plugs to charge your gadgets and TVs to watch movies on. When you travel with us, you can securely guide your group.

Our specialty

With the aid of dependable bus transportation, you may attend religious events, seminars, and gatherings. We can offer you a bus that has televisions, DVD players, Wi-Fi, power outlets, on-board bathrooms, and other amenities. These are very useful for long-distance travel!

Our priority

We always put safety first. During these unusual circumstances, we have taken extra precautions to protect our clients’ health and safety. We have taken the following actions in addition to our regular cleaning procedures.

  1. While executing their responsibilities, drivers must wear a face mask and disposable gloves and maintain social distance wherever feasible.
  2. Bus drivers are given the training to ensure that they do not come into personal touch with passengers.
  3. All the passengers are required to wear their face masks during traveling.
  4. We provide hand sanitizers to our customers.
  5. To prevent the spread of infection, all bottled water and reading materials have been removed.
  6. CDC-approved disinfectants are sprayed or wiped on all chairs and common contact surfaces.
  7. While on the vehicle, we propose social distance sitting, but the individual or group charting the vehicle will make the final decision.

We pray that all of our customers stay safe and healthy during these trying times, even after their trip with us is finished.

What are the benefits to travel with us?

Universal bus charter always takes care of their customers we provide quality services at an extremely low cost there is a list of some benefits that you get by traveling with us.

  1. Superior Quality at a Low Cost

Compared to limousine rentals, both the school bus and coach party bus courses will save you money. Our experienced bus drivers are backed up by a team of bus mechanics, an on-call dispatch staff, and a local management team.

  1. Flexibility in passenger load

We can accommodate your group with our various bus sizes and kinds. We have a bus fleet ready to go, whether you need one or a hundred.

  1. Confidence and security

District school boards, towns, and organizations entrust us with transporting thousands of children and people securely every day. Allow us to care for your parishioners in the same secure manner.

  1. A Ready Driver Pool

We have a large pool of fully qualified drivers ready to assist you. Rather than arranging a pool of drivers, let your church group enjoy the journey.


You don’t have to worry about arranging a route, monitoring the GPS, or continuously checking the clock while organizing a church and religious group trip, whether it’s a choir tour, a mission trip, or a youth outing since universal bus charter is always at your service. For the past 30 years, we’ve been organizing bus excursions for Church and religious groups tours, ensuring that they experience the greatest religious activities possible. Call us now, and while we take care of the technicalities, you may enjoy your time with your fellow church members. So whenever you plan a trip have a look at the portfolio of universal bus charters our cooperative staff is available for their customers 24/7. You may acquire our services on a single call we are always ready to assist you.

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