Applicant Information
Residents for the past 3 years.
High School
Vocational Training Institute
Trade/Other Training
Valid Professional Licenses
Personal Computers
Professional References (Do not list relatives)
Professional licenses / Transferable skills
Work History

Beginning with your present or most recent employer, list your work experience for at least the last ten years. Include periods of self-employment, military service, and explain any gaps in employment. Attach separate sheets if needed. Failure to complete this page may result in disqualification.

Signature is Required

I hereby certify, under penalty of perjury in the State of Washington DC, that this application contains no willful misrepresentation and that the information given is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that falsification of this application will be grounds for elimination from further consideration or, if employed, for dismissal at any time. I authorize my previous employers and all schools or educational and technical institutions that I have attended to furnish Universal Bus Charter Group my record, reason for leaving and all information they may have concerning me. I hereby release any such current or former employers or institutions, their agents or employees and Universal Bus Charter Group from all liability for any damage whatsoever arising there from. I authorize an investigation of all statements in this application.