Are you planning for vacations with your family? Are you planning for a business tour? And are you planning for a tour with your friends? But you are worried that how can we visit and explore the new city? Don’t worry! We can also help you find and guarantee comfortable accommodations for your family tour, for your business, or maybe a political tour and trip tour with your friends during your stay within the city of the U.S.A. And we’ve exclusive alliances with hotels within every city that meet top quality standards and offer preferential rates in accommodation for our international patients and guest from other cities and their families, with the target of satisfying their needs and budget. Providing hotel services is an important service of the hotel. If you have a hotel but you don’t have a shuttle service for your guests then it very impacts your business but doesn’t worry. We are Universal bus charters company is here to remove your hesitation. Book our Vehicle at affordable prices in which you have gain profit and you guest impress with your services. Universal Bus Charters provides hotels transportation services in every city within the U.S.A

Our hotel services are available in following cities

New York, New York Los Angeles, California Chicago, Illinois Houston, Texas Phoenix, Arizona Philadelphia, Pennsylvania San Antonio, Texas San Diego, California Dallas, Texas San Jose, California Austin, Texas Jacksonville, Florida Fort Worth, Texas Columbus, Ohio Charlotte, North Carolina, San Francisco, California Indianapolis, Indiana Seattle, Washington Denver, Colorado Washington, DC Boston, Massachusetts El Paso, Texas Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee1 Detroit, Michigan Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Portland, Oregon Las Vegas, Nevada Memphis, Tennessee Louisville-Jefferson County, Kentucky2 Baltimore, Maryland Milwaukee, Wisconsin Albuquerque, N.M. Tucson, Arizona Fresno, California Mesa, Arizona Sacramento, California Atlanta, Georgia Kansas City, Missouri Colorado Springs, Colorado Omaha, Nebraska Raleigh, North Carolina Miami, Florida Long Beach, California Virginia Beach, Virginia Oakland, California Minneapolis, Minnesota Tulsa, Oklahoma Tampa, Florida Arlington, Texas New Orleans, Louisiana


Our Vehicle Services for hotel transportation services

Our following Vehicles are available for the hotels’ transportation services 7 Passengers SUV’s Rental If you want to come with your small family for a trip if you have to come for visit with professionals, if you come for a business trip or come with some close friends for a trip then 7 passengers SUV’s rental van may be right for you. Choose your next car rental from our seven-passenger cars. Universal Bus Charter offers multiple models of trucks and SUVs with 7 or more seats to make passengers feel more comfortable and our services can meet your needs. Our professional drivers will come to the airport or any place with your one phone call at +877-223-0984

Limousines services For Rental

 Limousine service is another service for professionals, entrepreneurs, and VIPs. Limousines services are also available for hotel transportation services. A limousine is a limousine driven by a uniformed driver with language, etiquette and manner skills, and conversation skills. The VIP requests this service at the time of booking. Sometimes limousine service is charged to guests.

Official Cars

 Universal Bus Charters can also provide special cars to hotels and individuals like

  • Luxury Sedans
  • Limousines

For executives who perform official duties. The general manager may want to attend a hotel association meeting, the financial director may visit the bank, or the sales executive may want to make a sales call, etc.

Travel Trips

if you want to visit a city with your family or friends or enjoy for vacation then the following vehicles will also be available in the hotel transportation services. Universal Bus Charters have professional drivers and a good storyteller and know every place of the city where you want to go. These are following vehicles are best for trips.

  • 7 Passengers SUV’s
  • 14 Passengers minibus
  • 14 Passenger Sprinter
  • ADA-Accessible Buses (if someone is disabled in the family then it is best)

Transportation services for staff

The Universal bus charters can provide pick-up and drop-off services for hotel employees to ensure punctual shifts. Many hotels have dedicated staff accommodations, especially when employees are not hired locally. Employee housing provides the benefits of accommodation for foreign employees, which is an advantage of attracting outstanding talents. You can call us at 877-223-0984 or Get a Quote to rent our vehicles for your staff. These are following vehicles are best for staff.

  • 35 Passenger Minibus
  • 30 Passenger Minibus
  • 28 Passenger Minibus
  • 20 Passenger Minibus

Key Features of our Vehicle services

  • Easier journey
  • Multi-functional seat configuration
  • A group of professional drivers
  • It provides cheaper transportation for larger groups.
  • The best price-compare the prices of local transportation companies at one stop and save money.
  • Favorites-See more selections of limousines, party buses and chartered cars all in one place to book.
  • Online: Book online in less than 3 minutes.
  • Reliable: Universal Bus Charter is the largest and most reputable online booking agency in the country.
  • Comfortable seat: The interior seat is reclining with comfortable padding to increase the comfort you need.
  • The bus is equipped with a TV monitor and a high-quality music system, allowing you to enjoy entertainment throughout the journey.
  • Wi-Fi and power sockets
  • Main features of ADA buses
  • Wheelchair lift seats
  • There is ample space in the corridor
  • Luggage compartment: There is a shelf above the bus seat to store any small luggage.
  • Panoramic windows. Public address system: promote effective communication. Used for on-board meeting cushions and reclining seats
  • Wheelchairs can be used. Placed seating space is provided for passengers with reduced mobility.
  • TV headphone jack (available on request) Blu-ray player can play closed-recorded DVDs

City Courtesy Service City

Courtesy Service is another free hotel shuttle bus that takes hotel guests to the city center. This service is particularly important for hotels in remote suburbs, airports, or resorts. They want to provide convenience for guests, even if the hotel is located outside the city, you can also go to the Shopping Malls, Restaurants, and your favorite places few hours. Universal bus charter always available for you. You can call us at 877-223-0984 or Get a Quote the hotel displays the city concierge service time in the lobby for the convenience of guests. The driver will determine the pick-up point in the city at the time of boarding (usually there is only one in the city center).

Ambulance service

Ambulance service is a relatively new feature provided by the universal bus charter in hotel transportation services. Our ADA-Accessible Buses also handle medical emergencies. On the way to the nearest hospital. This is a comprehensive medical emergency service involving telephone departments, security guards, hospitals, family doctors, and lobby staff. The hotel recognizes that stressful executives can have medical emergencies at any age. As an older generation, no matter where you travel, you need medical support. If you have any emergency then call us at 877-223-0984. We will be on spot within few minutes.

How to Book our Hotel services

Any hotel’s Transportation Services accessible with a call +1-877-223-0984When you need our transport services, you should make arrangements in advance as much as possible. We are available for you at any time 24/7.

Hotel’s Transportation Services accessible online. Get Quote from our website you can easily Get a Quote online from our website Universal Bus Charters. We are available for you at any time 24/7/365.