Luxury Sedans Rental

Perfect for capacity of 4 maximum

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With a passenger capacity of 4 maximum, the Sedan car is also another efficient fleet we have. It is best for more official functions. With decorations, however, it will be fit for other events such as weddings and parties.
Whether you are on a tour trip, vacations, or have a special event, Universal Bus Charter is at your service. We have a number of different fleets, so you are definite to find a vehicle within your budget to meet your needs.

Our collection of Luxury Sedans will definitely take your breath away. They are well-maintained and come with highly professional and skilled transports. Our Luxury Sedans provide a relaxed seating arrangement for up to 4 passengers. Whether you are traveling through family or friends, booking one of our executive Luxury Sedans will do the job for you.


We give respect your privacy

We give respect your privacy and luxury and for those motives, we provide painted glass windows in all our Luxury Sedans and plush interiors that offer unbeatable comfort. Our Luxury Sedans have enough space in the trunks to keep your stuff so you don’t have to keep them on your seats or the ground. You can relax and read a book, enjoy some music or have drinks all while having peace of mind by traveling with our specialized, experienced transports.



Our Luxury Sedans services are available during the week at all hour of the day. If you want to get the details of Luxury Sedans for different routes, you can go through our get a free quote page and send us the details.

Over the years, Universal Bus Charter has demonstrated to be one of the leading candidates of providing luxury sedans services to thousands of happy customers all around the USA. So if you are thinking of traveling in the future, then book Luxury Sedans today!

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