24 Passenger Minibus Rental

Are you looking for a 24 Passenger Minibus for rental? Do not worry. At Universal Bus Charter, we have the best fleet you need at best quotes ever!

Are you stuck with travel plans for a group? Well, let it not bother you that much. At Universal, Bus Charter, we are ever ready to help. We are the best group transportation organizers operating in cities of Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland.

We provide quality vehicle rental services for our different fleets consisting of executive buses, minibusses, Limousine, and cars. Our 24 Passenger Minibus is one recommendable fleet for those in travel groups of 24 and below passenger. It is an all accommodative vehicle featuring the most luxurious amenities you would want.

Key Features Of The 24 Passenger Minibus Rental

You will like our 24 Passenger Minibus for numerous of the following executive luxury and comfort features.

  1. Climate control System: Onboard our 24 Passenger Minibus creates the climate you want. Not too hot nor too cold. The vehicles come with an air conditioning and heating system for added comfort.
  2. Comfortable seats: The bus features highly padded reclining seats
  3. Entertainment: Onboard, we have TV monitors, DVD players, and AM/FM radio to keep you entertained throughout your journey.
  4. WiFi and power outlets: When you do not feel like watching TV or listening to the radio, you can decide to be on your phone, tablet, or laptop and commit yourself online. The WIFI onboard is always fast and secure. The power outlets will ensure your devices never runs low on battery.
  5. Luggage storage: There is an overhead/ above seats luggage storage section you can always use.
  6. Public address system: Its availability means you can hold a convenient group meeting while onboard and communicate effectively.

Our 24 Passenger Minibus like the rest of our fleets are always best for long-distance travel. In addition to the above features, they also come with an elaborate headspace and legroom. It is a being at home feeling that it gives.

For What Packages Can You Hire Our 24 Passenger Minibus Rental

Our bus is an all even-suiting. At Universal, Bus Charter, we already have special travel packages among which you can choose. They include celebrations of parties, weddings, funerals among may others. Some also will consist of going for activities such as sports events, adventure, picnics, and a lot more.

In case you miss the package you want from our listing; still, there is no need to worry. You can call us anytime any day you wish for any inquiries or arrangements. Alternatively, you can also visit us at any of our locations, either in Washington, DC, Virginia, or Maryland.

Getting your quote on the 24 Passenger Minibus Rental

We offer secure and straightforward reservation procedures for all our fleets. You only have to log in to our site, fill in the required travel details spaces, and make your reservations.

For any travels, we only employ our licensed drivers whom we hire from around. They, therefore, have the advantage of knowing the best local restaurants in case you would need one and more so the fast and shortest routes to your destinations.

With our 24 Passenger Minibus, therefore, we guarantee the most enjoyable ride anywhere anytime you call on to us.

Other Mini Buses Available For Hire

  1. The 30 Passenger Minibus is one of our pride fleets. As of what you would expect from us, this model is not of any less superiority when it comes to comfort and luxury.
  2. The 25 passenger minibus from Universal Bus Charter makes your group traveling count. We are glad to be your best group transport agency.
  3. The 35 Passenger Minibus for hire only comes from us, the Universal Bus Charter. We plan successful group transportation all across Washington, DC.

24 Passengers Minibus Key Features

WIFI Connection
Power Outlets