57 Passenger Coach Bus Rental

Universal Bus Charter, is one of the East Coast’s most trusted group travel company. We offer 57 Passenger Coach Bus for larger travel groups.

A luxurious, heart-fulfilling experience like you are in a private jet heading for your holiday. Do you know the feeling? Well, that is what is like traveling in our 57 Passenger Coach Bus fleet. When it comes to group travels, we leave no chance of faults and regrets. Universal Bus Charter company, we are the best you can rely on for quality timing and top-class services and high affordability.

Like the rest of our fleets, the 57 Passenger Coach compose of classical busses with quality group accommodative features. Its interior view is a standard presidential design consisting of all the comfort and luxury features a group travel bus should have and even more.

Key Features of the 57 Passenger Coach Bus

57 Passenger Charter Bus Interior
57 Passenger Charter Bus Interior

Here are some of the attractive features our 57 Passenger Coach Bus has.

  1. Large Passenger Capacity: The bus accommodates up to 57 passengers.
  2. Restroom: Long tiring journey can be overwhelming. The least you would want is a place to lay your back and take a quick nap. Within our bus, we have a special room compartment for this. There exist highly accommodative and comfortable beds; you can relax while traveling.
  3. Entertainment: The bus comes with special entertainment units composing of sounds and TV sets. As a group, you can either decide to watch or listen to music coming from a top-end sound quality system.
  4. WI-FI: With the high-speed WI-FI connection within the bus, you can make your online presence active all through your journey. The network is always safe and secure if you want to operate your business and commercial sites.
  5. Ample Luggage compartments: Its large passenger capacity, this bus offers roomy storage compartments for all your luggage. It always has the overhead compartments for smaller bags and a lower boot for big suitcases.
  6. Ample head and legroom: Our bus offers great space for your head and legs when you sit or stand. The abundant legroom allows you to straighten your legs to experience more comfort.
  7. Charging System: For any electric device you have, phone, laptop, or tablet, you can always charge it while on the bus. All you need to carry is your charging cable. Sufficient charging ports are still available for everyone onboard.

Why go for 57 Passenger Coach Bus?

The 57 Passenger Coach Bus fleet is a model for every travel event. You can always rent it for holiday tours, funerals, and even weddings. It is spacious, classy, and highly affordable. Its highly luxurious features make it’s a darling to most interested group traveling. Also, it has a double-axion back wheel, which offers all of you onboard a comfortable ride even over high bumps.

Besides all these, our company has a crew of professional drivers, customer care, and management who together fulfills your quotes in time. Our work goes 24 hours every week – our customer care team are always standby to answer your call whenever you reach us.

For the best group travel services, your go-to company will always remain the Universal Bus Charter. Call us anytime on 703.823.0000, and we will be happy to help.

Other Coach Buses Available For Hire

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  3. The 30 Passenger Minibus Rental comes with super-end onboard amenities and engine power that well support the capacity for a quality drive.
  4. The 28 Passenger Minibus Rental is one of our best minibus fleet we recommend for travel groups of passengers less than 28.

57 Passenger Charter Bus Key Features

WIFI Connection
Power Outlets