Outsourcing Shuttle Services for Hotels

The Customers look for the hotel that offers a good shuttle service as everyone desires to reach their destination on time. Transportation is not a core service for a hotel. However ,the ability to provide transportation is a request that needs to be filled. Many good hotels are providing this service to their customers. The hotels that facilitate their clients with a good shuttle service often allow them to book in advance so the shuttle is waiting for them at their desired time. If you are a hotelier and want to facilitate your customers with a superb shuttle service then you are in the right place . Universal bus charter is always ready to solve your problems of all types of transportation. We have professional and trained drivers to ensure the safety of the clients. Here are some reasons why you should have an appreciative shuttle service in your hotel.

  • Your good shuttle services are an extension of your brand.
  • A responsible shuttle service will reduce the liability of the management.
  • Good shuttle service has become a business trend .
  • Your hotel guests or travelers aren’t troubled by heckling cabs and taxi drivers on arrival.
  • The hotel shuttle service is a welcome of your guests that can bring a smile on their face.
  • The hotel shuttle service can reduce the mental stress level of your guests.

  A good shuttle service can improve your business in some of the following ways too.

Trust a professional service

Often other forms of transportation can be uncomfortable and dangerous. Clients trust more on your hotel shuttle service and feel comfortable as these drivers are trained and professional.

Convenient transportation service to and from the airport

When the clients are at the airport with heavy luggage they will surely prefer your hotel shuttle service with a professional driver at the wheel. While on the other hand local taxes ,busses or other transport take extra work and can be expensive. Similarly from the hotel to airport the hotel shuttle service is always an easy and comfortable way to travel.

Improved Branding

As hotel shuttle service has become a business trend so you can improve your business by providing a good shuttle service to your clients and in this regard we will help you with clean ,safe vehicles and with highly skilled professional drivers .Shuttle services are an extension of your brand.

Reduce Management Stress

It is a difficult task for hotel managers to deal with staffing and sustaining transportation problems on a daily basis. Dealing with constant turnover and repair of renting vehicles can cause increased stress. By outsourcing your hotel shuttle service with Universal bus charter you can release your stress as our experts handle all the transportation problems.


With a good shuttle service you can eliminate the worry of safe level. Universal bus charter can handle your problem. With our highly trained professional drivers you can sit back and relax. Our vehicles are cleaned and manifest on daily basis. Your guest’s safety is our responsibility .Universal bus charter provides you best safety level.

Destination Time

The most important factor regarding a good hotel shuttle service is to reach the destination on time. In this aspect you can trust the Universal bus charter. Our trained staff understand the value of your time and will be always there for you. It is our first  priority to make sure you get to your designated areas on or before the time.