Our Birthday limo bus package is one that cuts across the entire East Coast. It is a one umbrella package consisting of several other celebrations such as anniversaries ceremonies, get-togethers, nights, and much more. For anyone organizing any of these, our Universal Bus Charter company services could be your most considerable help. We help you plan, hold, and successfully handle all the involved group travel you may want.

Currently, our services are available for those living or arriving in Washington DC, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. Within these regions, we offer various group transfers, among which include airport transfers to different party grounds. In a fight to keep our high reputation, our company provides the most customized fleets best for any party celebrations. On top of these are our top-class customer care and attendance.


The Best DC Limo Bus For Birthday Parties

Universal Bus Charter offers lots of various luxurious Limo Buses on rental. The difference between the ranges in their maximum passenger capacities, design, and even onboard feature amenities. For your birthday, you will most likely want one that is more classic and highly accommodative of all your friends.

If the party group is composing of young people, then most likely you will need one with a quality music system. Such will boost the social morale of the group to make them arrive at the party, all ready for the real deal. Fortunately, in our DC Limo Bus For Birthday Parties package, all our fleets offer these amenities and much more.

Package Benefits

You must be eager to know how much you can explore on this package. Fortunately, the Universal Bus Charter has a lot to offer on it. The very key ones are as follows.

Package Benefits

1. Timely pick-ups and drops

Lateness is not part of us. We understand the need to keep time. Our drivers know this better, and therefore they will always drive to your destinations arriving on time. An advantage that they have is being from the residents. Consequently, they know of the fastest and shortest routes to your intended terminus.

2. Plan diversions

We understand how parties are; they can shift from one style of celebration to the next. A birthday party can extend to going swimming, clubbing and a lot more. Our package on this is quite flexible and hence highly accommodative of any of these changes. We will play our part to ferry you with excellent safety and laxity you want.

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3. Safety

All our party vehicles undergo routine mechanical maintenance procedures by professionals. It, therefore, gives no much chance for any break down along your ways. Better enough, our drivers are highly cautious about the roads and obey all traffic rules.

4. Quality Onboard features

Our Limo Buses are usually large enough to allow dancing and celebration onboard. Thus, we have a unique entertainment unit of both music and DVD players for your use. Also, there is an air conditioner, WIFI connection, and laxity seats of a reclining kind.

Booking for the DC Limo Bus For Birthday Parties

Making reservations on the DC Limo Bus For Birthday Parties package is quite easy and direct. Our service lines are always open. At any moment you can call us, and we will give you the best travel arrangements you need.

If you so wish, however, you can access our site on making quotes and make yours in minus. It is only a few direct questions we will ask you concerning the details of your travel plans.