DC Prom Party Bus

Make your prom party bus a memorable moment with our luxurious rides. Universal Bus Charter, we are the East Coast leading group transportation agency.

Prom is a very typical East Coast event that interests lots of people. In Universal Bus Charter, we understand this; hence we try our best to make it even better and more attractive to many. Our contribution to this involves offering highly exceptional group transportation services to these events.

Like graduation ceremonies, a prom is more an official event. Meaning, the most appropriate transportation style should be formal as well. Universal Bus Charter has plenty of well-suiting vehicles for any of these occasions. Our fleet selection for any of these events involves buses, minibusses, cars, and even Limousine.

Choosing your Best Prom Party Bus

One most favorable fleets among these are the limousine. Either the stretched or the hammer type both offer an excellent trip and tour that you will enjoy to your destination. Its ample spacing and exceptional comfort features make it quite an ideal vehicle for such occasions. One more unique and attractive feature it has is the round sitting arrangement. The feature adds more convenience for collective chatting and story sharing with your colleagues on board.

In DC, many people like prom events, and therefore the traveling groups are majorly high numbered. Our prom party buses come in handy to ensure at least all reach the occasions early in time to catch up on the celebrations. On any desired bus type you choose, we can make as many trips as you want to meet your demands. However, that is not all; our bus services come with onboard laxity and comfort necessary for the travel.

Some of the feature amenities you will enjoy onboard include;

  • Climate-conditioning feature
  • Secure and robust WIFI connections
  • Quality music
  • Power outlets
  • Am/ FM Radio
  • Ample legroom and sitting space

Note that our party buses as well do have the above features. For those who may wish for special temporary branding and decorations, our team can organize it for you. Otherwise, while onboard, your group will have enough to enjoy from the highly padded reclining seats to quality entertainment, online connectivity, and relaxed sitting spaces.

Package Benefits

Our Prom party bus package comes with great benefits you will prefer. These include the following.

1. Safe trips: Our drivers are cautions and our fleets, news and well- maintained

2. High Flexibility: We a tune to every party plans you have most reliably and conveniently possible to you.

3. Extensive range of fleet: The party package allows you to use any of our fleet; buses, minibusses, cars, limousines, and vans.

4. Quality Onboard features: In any vehicle you chose, we will have the best laxity and comfort features needed for your trip. Our fleet has highly cushioned, reclining seats, WIFI connection, air conditioning systems, and much more.

Booking For The DC Prom Party Bus

The DC Party Bus For Prom package is best for those organizing or attending prom or graduation ceremonies. When you need people to come to celebrate with you, you can always contact Universal Bus Chater for more specialized and accustomed services.

However, we have an online booking platform through which you can make your early reservations. While doing this, ensure to provide correct details describing your transportation wishes to avoid any inconvenience. Our team composes of proper customer care who will be much happy to pay you assistance.

Like in any other official celebration parties in Washington DC, Virginia, and even Maryland, our transportation role is highly valuable. We reach different destinations, pick groups traveling to the prom on time, and fulfill all their travel needs while onboard.

As prom participants, organizing a trip with us offers you a chance to experience a relaxed drive and a stylish arrival. At least, with your group, you should experience this for once.