Universal Bus Charter is a deluxe travelling expert withing the East Coast Region. In Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland, we remain the champions in the provision of top-end group transportation services. Among our travel packages are the Group and Convention. Under this package, we offer a variety of other travel options ranging from sightseeing tours and trips, site visitations, and many others. We do not choose whether day or night, you can always hire our services whenever you need them.

Common Groups And Conventions We Deliver On

In the East Coast, group and conventions are quite common. In their operations, however, they face dire need to include transportation means to help ease their movements. One viable option they can always consider is public transportation. However, it comes with a lot of inconveniencing features. Often it is difficult to rely on it for various reasons of inconveniency and limited flexibility.

When it comes to this, our Charter company services become your better go-to. We offer safe, luxurious and highly flexible transportation to any of your designated destinations.

Below are the common destinations we will take you in our groups and convention package.


Group expedition

Do you remember those enjoyable school trips back to school? Most likely, they were the best you probably had. You had a school bus, and all of you could enjoy the company of each other throughout your trip and tours.

Well, now our Universal Bus Charter is giving you another chance to enjoy what you missed. For all your group expedition plans, we will be ready to offer you the best, well-accustomed services. We will take you to parks, regular meetings, sight viewing, among many other missions.

City Trip

If you are new in any of the East Coast cities, we will be happy to be your travel companion. We will drive you around, showing you some of the landmarks, the hotels and restaurants you may also want. We have a broad category of fleets you can choose for this purpose depending on how many you are. For smaller groups of about for, we have our beautiful Lincoln Town Car Sedan. Larger groups of not more than 56, would comfortably fit in our executive busses which comes with super feature amenities.

Academic field trip

Even though your institution or company could have its vehicles, still you can hire our services. The main reason for this is that our fleets come with the best designs to allow comfort and more relaxed travel experience. For your academic trip, we will provide you with a well-accommodating Charter Bus bearing the adorable features you want.

Our drivers are from around our major operating cities; Washington DC, Virginia or Maryland. Any trip, therefore to any of the regions we will assign you the one who knows the safest and fastest routes to your destinations. More extensively, they will help you locate some of the best hotels and restaurants around to have your meals.

Wine Excursions

If you are on a mission to explore some of the top East Coast wineries then, at Charter Bus, we will be at your service. We will provide you with the most convenient fleet and professional chauffeurs to take you to some of the finest wine distillers around.

Wine excursions are typically night missions, and you can make it a bigger fun by inviting lots of your friends for company. In Universal Bus Charter, we always have the most suiting vehicles for your trips.

Booking For The Groups And Conventions Package

Our procedures in making package reservations are always very elaborate. The shortest route would be to call us. We have a team of standby customer care who will assist you make your reservation right away.

Our quotes for this package are quite affordable. However, it so much depends on your fleet selection. Many have enjoyed riding with us; now it is your turn to explore what we have to offer, a presidential group travelling treat.