Car and bus renting services are highly typical in many wedding transportation plans. Movements of groups of participants are of much essence in these occasions. However, coming to think of it, these event organisers always go for high-end design fleets for this purpose. You will find the grooms using limousines while the rest, if not private cars, decent classical vehicles with quality features. It is here now that the necessity of our wedding transportation services package shows.

Universal Bus Charter, provides the most adorable bus and minibus designs well-suited for wedding ceremonies. We have an assort of fleets differing in design and carriage capacity, and that offers you even a more extensive choice of selection. Other versions of our fleets are vans, SUV and Sedan cars. One more special one is Limousines. Either stretch or the harmer type, their usage is often granted to the main celebrants, the grooms.

Features that make limousine one of the most adored vehicles for any wedding celebration is first of all its uniquely descent design. There follows its super end interior feature amenities. It is extensive and highly accommodative. It comes with a TV screen, a quality music system, and cabins for drinks. Some of its other features are similar to those you will also find in our charter party buses and minibusses. They include;

  • Air oconditioner o
  • Cautioned, oreclining seats o
  • WIFI oconnection o
  • Power ooutlets o
  • Entertainment osystems; TV monitors and music sounds

Key Features of the Wedding Transportation

1. Available in East Coast Region

For all wedding transportation plans in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC, we will be of your most considerable help. We will offer you transport to and fro any of these locations where you will have your wedding event.

2. Quality Onboard features

All our trips are quite enjoyable. Our fleets come with the most relaxing seats plus an ample sitting area for added comfort. Both their head and leg rooms are large enough to allow stretching and repositioning yourself.

Entertainment wise, we have quality music systems producing the most stereotype sounds you will enjoy. Also, our busses do come with TV monitors and DVD players to give you the best entertainment all through your trip.

3. Wide fleet selection

While we have our recommendations, on this package, you can choose a particular fleet you will be using. Your choice will of cause depend on the number of people you want to transport from one end to the other. Fortunately for this, we have our large coaches with maximum passenger capacities of 55. For the large numbered groups, we can still assign more trips to ensure we transport everyone on you on time.

4. High safety

When you are going to ride on any of our fleets, know that all your trips will be safe. We maintain all our vehicles regularly through a professional mechanical team. Also, we have well-trained drivers who ensure safe rides along the way to your destinations. We will, therefore, drive you fast but with great caution as you entirely mind your safety.

How To Book For The Wedding Transportation Package

Make your booking quick with us by following this link. Our company offers the easiest way to secure safe and highly affordable transportation services you need. With our wedding package, you stand to experience the most reliable transportation ever. We never late on our promises and are always flexible to your demands.

Next time you will be planning a wedding ensure to consider us, your most excellent transportation agency. Our mission will be to make all your travel plans a success through the most luxurious rides we offer.