Get ready to be whisked away by our rental transportation services to the finest, high quality, high-end charter bus winery tours, events and festivals in the Charlottesville, Virginia area. Universal Bus Charter will take you and your group to a winery wonderland and distillers of your choosing. 

We have many different ways to accommodate you on your way to your favorite stop; our charter transportation service vehicles include minibus and van rentals of your choice. (vehicles now available include: Van 14 Pax, Minibus 24, 28 and 32). Take all of the stress of trying to figure out transportation and let us handle all of the hard work for you, so you can have all of the fun!

How else would you have a fun trip to your favorite wineries if not through our most luxurious rides? Well, this is how very much Universal Bus Charter group transportation services counts. East Coast has lots of top wine distillers firms that you would feel much drawn to visit with a bunch of your friends. As one of your night out ideas, the best way ever to make it an absolute fun is by hiring a private car, van, or bus for it.

At least this would be better enough. When all of you get drunk, at least there will be someone to take you home. Driving under alcohol influence bears a considerable risk, which, supposedly, you know.

Our Winery Tours Trips package, however, does not only involve snooping from your house to the winery, no. It entails more than that. As a fun event, you can plan it big. Invite your friends over then travel in style to the place. Along the way, you can enjoy the chats with each other, the psych ups, dances in the vehicle, and little intimacy if the situation allows.

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Best fleets for our Winery Tours Trips

A tour or trip to a winery is already a party you start enjoying while on your way. The best vehicles for it are those classical designs both for the interior and exterior features. Most likely, they should have quality music systems, disco lights, if possible, wine cabins, WIFI connection, and power outlets.

These features, however, will only be suitable for a particular age group. Hence when making reservations, you must specify the nature of your group. Otherwise, we can always decorate our vehicles the best way accustomed to your preferences and designs.

Our most recommendable fleets for this package are numerous and cut all across. We always have buses and minibus for larger groups. These could be between 18 passengers to 56. Also, there are vans with a maximum passenger capacity of 14 plus Sedan cars, which carries even lesser.

Those who might be attending a more romantic trip on this can always go for our limousines. We have the two types, hammer and stretched. They offer a large carriage capacity but not more extensive than those of our coach buses.

Both bear unique interior design composing of round seat arrangements, cabins, and a table platform. They fit on many occasions, such as weddings, birthday parties, among many other celebrations.

Key Features Of Winery Tours Trips

1. Free Guide to Various Winery Tours

Our chauffeurs are from the local areas you will be visiting. That means, they are quite familiar with the wineries around and hence will direct you to some of the very best ones. This package allows you various stops to check on the multiple wineries around sampling the best one.

Typical winery destinations our clients enjoy in the East Coast region include;

  • Monticello oWine Festival o
  • Ankida oRidge Vineyards o o
  • Taste oof Virginia Food Tours o
  • Trump oWinery o
  • Wisdom oOak Winery

2. High flexibility

This package allows you various stops to check on the multiple wineries around sampling the best one.

3. Free choice to fleets

Despite our suggestions, the winery package will enable you to choose any of your most favourable vehicles.

4. Onboard quality features

You need not ask for any of these. Our fleets come with top-end features to enhance the comfort and laxity levels in your trips. We have highly cushioned, reclining seats, air conditioning features, quality entertainment facilities and many others.

Booking For Winery Tours And Trips Package

Make your quote on the winery package today and enjoy our inclusive features. For this, you can either call us or access our page to make reservations.