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Partner With Us

Universal Bus Charter Group and tours based in Washington, D.C, Virginia and Maryland. We provide the charter bus services across the Eastern United States. The amazing Fleets are one of the factor that contributes to our excellent service reputation. We are well versed in a varied requirements of group travel for many of our clients and we consistently meet them. In each of our rides we give the most exquisite amenities to assist them improve overall comfort levels. So we have launches our partner with us program that have also looking for quality service.

We are the finest go-to business because of our great services. To enhance our network and to serve our clients throughout USA and Canada. We introduced a partnership program. This can be helpful for network growth as well. And we also expect the same trust and reliability from our partners.

Universal Bus Charter preferred partners program that is meant to promote the growth in the charter bus sector. This program also reflects the need of both businesses and passengers. Our team specially hired for collaboration with the bus partners of ours. The specialist’s logistics link up with the relevant clientele while providing a full range of customized services.

What Are We Looking For?

  • Client Satisfaction:

We meant to find our partners who completely understand the mentality of the client. Satisfaction of our clients is our first priority. So we are looking for the companies, or individuals that feel proud in putting their customers first. Also prioritizing their requirement’s.

  • Quality Services:

Customer services generally includes delivering prompts, courteous, and cheerful services. Customers as well as ensuring that their requirements are satisfied in a way that reflects well on the organization.

  • Competitive pricing:

Besides of all we are also looking for companies that can provide the pricing rates to our customers. Competitive price analysis enables a company to manage its competitiveness by preventing the customer and market share loss. So that you and we both can gain more market values and high client traffic.

  • Reliable Customer Services:

Reliable customer services is necessary for every company and also vital consideration point for us. All concerned parties should be able to provide the best charter bus service. To rely on buses to arrive on time ensuring that passengers arrive on time and securely.

  • All Bus Companies:

Partners who can manage and fulfill the demand of variety of buses and route kinds. The amenities our customers deserve and method of payment assist us in serving our clients with various needs.

Why Should You Join?

Our technology is specifically developed for the bus drivers and is created with simplicity and keeping safety in mind. As a top bus provider, you will be able to receive the high recommendations from our best customers and priority access to assured business prospects.

For a pleasant bus ride, automated warnings, passengers check-in and live tracking are available. We also eliminate a layer of customer’s service by connecting with client to gather, filter and analyses data.

Perks our Partners Get:

  • Best operational plans and practices.
  • Accessible vehicle financing programs
  • You can manage your rides according to your schedule.
  • Electric vehicle transport system.
  • Powerful insight and peer performances rewards.

More Than Just A Partnership:

Rather than only providing requests, we also collaborates with you to find out how to service the customer together and bridge their demands with yours as well.

Be Our Partner:

To be our partner is not difficult. Just join hands with Universal Bus Charter by providing  your information. And in no time you are ready to go with us.