Red carpet is used by VIPs and celebrities at formal events. It is used on formal and commercial occasions organized by film industries or other VIPs. When we talk about celebrities it is totally about style and trending. They spend a lot of money on their stylish dressing and many more.

When we talk about red carpet celebrities’ entry in award shows they never compromise with this. They try their best to make their entry in these award shows special and unforgettable. So they want to select the top trending car to fulfil this purpose. Universal Bus Charter has all the trending and luxurious cars to make your entry special.

Celebrities don’t take anything lightly related to their physical appearance and personality. Luxurious cars play an important role in this aspect. We have a wide variety of luxurious cars and trained staff. Our drivers are well trained and highly skilled to behave on the red carpet. Some celebrities may want the luxurious vehicle one time appearance based on an investment for a special event, launch or party.

You can contact us to fulfill all your requirements. We will serve you better than anyone else. Some reasons are given below why red carpet celebrities should select trending cars:

  • The luxurious trendy cars make a great impression on people
  • You have a chance to enjoy the magical experience of the of your own choice
  • These cars have extra features of safety and security
  • Your entry in red carpet award show will be fabulous and unforgettable
  • With trained drivers you not to worry about getting late of your entry time
  • You can extend the celebration evening safely
  • You feel the thrill while you are riding a luxurious car
  • Exclusivity level increase and you feel satisfied
  • You can enjoy the top technology of this modern age via a luxurious car
  • Sure enough you are served better in a luxurious car instead of an ordinary vehicle
  • luxury cars tend to offer more safety features than others
  • These luxurious cars have scent system
  • VIPs prefer luxurious cars due to Porsche’s leather air vents

Here are some reasons why famous people love Limousine so much


Comfort is the greatest feature of hiring a Limousine for the VIPs. As such you would have plenty of space to feel relaxed, plush leather seats for support and air conditioner to control the temperature. Moreover there are unexpected and unique features in this luxurious car. Limousines come in different sizes and often equipped with different features. Common features of all of them are that they allow the passengers to enjoy a superbly comfortable and enjoyable journey.


Taking a limousine to attend a special occasion, a wedding reception, a birthday party, or hitting an exclusive club in town is one of the best ways to arrive at your event in style. Limousine is considered a highly luxurious sedan vehicle with extended wheelbase. Limousine is a vehicle in which the driver and passenger are separated from each other. If you are style conscious then a limousine is the best choice for you. Universal Bus charter will provide you the Limousine with trained drivers so you need not to worry in this aspect.

Symbol of Social Status

Limousines are considered as the symbol of social status and accomplishment. Actors, famous artists, wealthy CEOs,  industry tycoons and for the VIPs  limousines are the preferred transportation for influential people. Famous people earn in millions and prefer to excel their success via luxurious things.

Why A BMW?

When it comes to luxurious cars people often talk about BMW being one of their best choices, but why a BMW? Here are some arguments supporting the claim of BMW car.
No need to say BMW is considered one of the best luxurious cars in the state. Design and craftsmanship in each BMW cabin are simply on another level. All the material is top-notch and you overall feel that you are driving a premium car.
In every respective segment BMW is one of the best vehicles so picking up the right BMW is not difficult if you know what you want from your car. We offer all models in BMW. You can choose according to your requirements.


Latest BMW is the vehicle with the most advanced technology and features in the market. A lot of current features and gadgets found on nearly every car have been innovated and implemented in a BMW first. BMW is king at the high tech end. That’s why celebrities’ first choice for red carpet award shows is the BMW.

Low depreciation

Like other vehicles, BMW doesn’t lose its value after some time. Its value remains constant even after a few years as it is the most demanding luxurious vehicle of celebrities. It has an amazing reputation of being virtually indestructible. VIPs prefer BMW to make their events special and unforgettable.


BMWs come with top-of-the-line technology which will give you peak performance and speed while you are driving. A BMW vehicle can provide you with luxury, safety, and performance all wrapped into one beautiful package. If you are interested in this outstanding luxurious car you can contact us. We will serve you with best rental prices and with trained drivers to enjoy your journey.


If you are safety conscious on the road with a luxurious car then BMW is the best choice for you. BMWs are designed to be one of the safest cars.  Some of their advanced safety features include active knee protection, all-season traction, enhanced braking system, lane departure warning, night vision, run-flat tires, and airbags everywhere. Moreover our drivers are experienced and will ensure your safety. So you need not to worry in this aspect.

Luxurious service with decent Prices

If you are searching for a car rental agency that suits your budget as well as the type of car you are finding for then you are in the right place. Here you are more likely to find a car that will suit your needs. You would not be worried about any price issues and will also come to know about other luxurious cars and will get the luxurious services. We have a wide network of luxurious cars around the states.

We will help you make sure that you choose the best luxury car service and car stereotypes for your vacation.