Restaurant tours

Restaurant tours

Restaurant tours are important if u really want to take a break from your daily work routine. Put the hustle aside and plan a restaurant tour. Restaurants are the places that provide food and It is now becoming a successful business that serves food and drinks to customers. There are so many restaurants that give you the facility to dine in and dine out as well. People are nowadays planning restaurant tours on daily basis and want to eat quality food.

Types of Restaurant Tours

Restaurants vary in appearance and also have different special cuisines they are providing. Some major meal-offering restaurants which include breakfast, lunch, and dinner attract youth. While planning any of the restaurant tours everyone gives importance to budget. Some of the restaurants are inexpensive while some of them are expensive.  Different types of restaurants have different food variety vegetarian, seafood, or steaks.

Functions of Restaurant Tours

There are several plus points of having the restaurant tours’

  • Relaxing environment
  • Refreshing moods
  • Hanging out with friends and family
  • Meetings with colleagues or professionals

Why Us

A universal bus charter is famous for its incredible services, Not only the services but we have very professional staff to deal with the customers. With our fleets amenities, we make your restaurant tours memorable the way you want them to be. There are following  wide range of vehicles that we have  for our customers which include:

  • Cars
  • Minibuses (for 7, 12, and 14 passengers)
  • Vans
  • ADA accessible buses (If someone is disabled)
  • Luxury sedans

Services We Provide

We want you to enjoy every moment of your restaurant tours. Depending upon your necessity we have different fleets like vans, cars, and minibuses. From luxurious cars to the ordinary ones we have that you want for a restaurant tour.

Key Features

There are some of the key features of our fleets that are listed below.

Multifunctional Seat Configuration

Everyone wants a ride full of comfort and during your restaurant tours, we provide you with comfortable seats. Then the comfort is enhanced by providing you with extra legroom. And you can enjoy every bit of your trip.

Best prices

Best and budget-friendly rides are everyone’s priority. So for your restaurant tour, we provide you best vehicles at the best prices.


A cool breeze will activate your mind. Keep you fresh all over the voyage, by the way, our fleets have a high-efficiency air conditioning system for your ease.

Picks and Drops

We maintain the quality of time management. From picking you up from your homes and dropping you to your destination. We never want you to get late and miss any happening. So that’s why we maintain and are always ready for the travel details of your in time.

Power Sockets

There is a power socket to charge your electronic devices. So You can now charge up your cell phones and can stay connected to your loved ones.


Nothing is better than having a fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection. Like browsing through the whole restaurant tour would be easy and convenient.

Easier Journey

Features for an ideal ride are here. Enjoy easier and memorable restaurant tours.

Music System

Music can refresh the mood of everyone and you can take full advantage of the good music system in our fleets. Because our fleets have the best base and high-quality music system.

Wheelchair Lift Seats

If you are needing a wheelchair lifter so don’t need to worry about this because we keep in mind every aspect for the customer’s satisfaction. Our fleets also have a facility for disabled persons so that they can also enjoy every bit of restaurant tours.

Easier Journey

A journey without jerks and strain. We will give you a ride full of pleasure without any jerks. So it makes your restaurant tours memorable and delightful.


We can assure you of the reliability of the ride that you want during your restaurant tours with us.

Professional Staff

We hire drivers with local licenses. Because the drivers we hire are local to avoid any misguidance. So that our drivers also know about shortcuts. This helps to drop you at the venue on time. We have highly maintained vehicles so that they can move fast.

Tracking Systems

Safety is our first priority because we maintain the standard of safety, We hire professional drivers. So that our vehicles have a tracking system to avoid any accidental situations throughout your entire restaurant tour.

Baby seats

If you are traveling with your kids then don’t worry. Because we are here to take care of your concerns. Our fleets have separate seats for your infants to keep them protected. This provides a tension-free environment.

TV Monitors

Every fleet has TV monitors for the sake of your entertainment because Enjoyment is necessary. So enjoy your favorite movies, cartoons, videos, songs and so many more.