If students can’t get to school on time they can’t learn. Student’s safety is also an important factor .Many students have no problem getting in school but they do have problems with getting there literally. That’s why it is important to make sure that the student has a sound way to get to school on time.

 If you are looking for the best bus shuttle service for your school or university then you are in the right place. Universal Bus Charter will provide you the most budget friendly ways of transportation groups. We have well trained and highly skilled divers to ensure the safety of your students. Here are some reasons why you should have a good transportation service at your school or university.

  • Safe driving by drivers
  • Keep students punctual
  • Makes students responsible
  • Provide parents peace of mind
  • Easily attainable
  • Friendly customer service
  • Safety checked and approved buses
  • Parents can trace their children
  • School management can trace the bus location
  • Furnish with safety measures
  • Schools buses are easily Identified
  • Parents can save their time
  • Minimize the pollution
  • Reduce the traffic on reads
  • Makes the students responsible

Student’s Safety

The most important reason for having a good shuttle service for your school is student safety. The comprehensive way to improve safety around or near school campuses is to engage in programs that reduce the reliance on pickups and drop offs. Universal bus charter provides all the safety benefits for the students with trained drivers. The drivers are licensed, experienced and do not hold any road rash case in the past. That is why parents always prefer school transportation for their children.

Keeps Students Active

One of the exceptional benefits of school bus transportation is that it keeps the students active. As students are aware of their school bus timing they get up early in the morning and do their morning chores on time and also try not to get late for the bus. This early rising habit and time management make the children active.

Economically Beneficial

School transportation is economically beneficial for the parents. If parents use their private vehicle to pick and drop their children the cost of fuel will be expensive. While on the other hand if they select the school bus transportation they can save money. That is why parents always prefer school bus transportation.

New Friends for Children

Students prefer to travel in a school bus instead of private vehicles as they travel with many co students daily and have a chance to make new friends. With their friends they enjoy their journey to school. 

Buses Reduce Pollution

As you know 50 plus students can travel in a bus. Just think how many vehicles are removed daily from the road for leaving their children privately to school. These removed vehicles reduce the environmental pollution.

Buses Reduce Traffic

Buses also reduce the traffic on the road. Suppose if an elementary school is near to your house and imagine if all the parents are trying to drive their vehicles to drop their children to the school, which type of situation may create. The school buses are the only way to solve this problem. One school bus reduces 36 vehicles from the road at a time.


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Timely Inaugurate the Class

As the school bus reaches the school on time and children don’t get late for their class, teachers can start the class on time and students can cover their yearly syllabus easily and on time which leads them to good results in exams. Our company will provide the best transport service to your school to fulfil all the plans you have made for students and staff.

Easily Accessible

If students travel by public bus they have to face many problems like they have to walk for a long distance to catch the bus. While on the other hand if they choose to travel by school bus transportation they just have to reach their nearest stoppages that are easily accessible by students.

Parents can track their children

We are here to provide bus transportation service with advanced features. If children get late for some reason parents can track their location by the advance tracking system of the bus .They need not to worry in this aspect. It creates a trust level between the parents and the school authorities. Parents can stay assured for the safety of their children. Their level of peace of mind may increase.

Equipped with safety features

Our company provides the busses with advanced safety features for the students inside the bus. The doors of the buses are equipped with high quality secured locks which do not open while the bus transit.

The windows of the buses are also closed so that the students don’t expose their arms or other body parts out of the window.

In addition the advance tracking system is useful for the management to stay aware of bus location, speed and arrival on time.

So you can trust Universal Bus charter’s transport service for all these features and many more.

Why Have Transportation For University Students?

There is a lack of good transport in many cities. Students can face many problems of transportation on their way to college or university. In order to solve these problems university management should arrange a good travel service for their students. We will help you to solve transportation problems by providing the best bus shuttle service with trained and experienced drivers.

By outsourcing your students’ shuttle services you will:

  • Ensure the students safety with trained drivers
  • You can trace their location as our buses have advance feature of tracking system
  • You can reduce the liability
  • You can save management time as they do not need to manage the transport on daily basis
  • Enjoy the benefits of advance technology
  • Provide students peace of mind as they need not to worry about public transportation
  • Our transport service removes the hassle of having to find a parking space for students
  • Provides an advantage for students with versatility issues
  • Private transportation service reduces the chances of students driving while under the influence

There is not enough parking available

Fewer parking spaces is an ordinary problem in universities especially on an occasion or weather. Even if there is enough parking space available for everyone who purchases a pass , that does not guarantee that a space will be available where or even it is needed.


Lack of good Public Transportation

Many areas do not have good public transportation. This makes it tough for the students to get to school, college or university. Students face many transportation problems. Universal Bus Charter can help you to solve this problem by providing the best travel service with advanced features and highly skilled drivers.

Parking is Expensive

Students already with tight budget may have to face the difficulty to make the choice between buying a parking pass and paying the bills or buying textbooks because parking is much expensive at the places Where there is already less parking space. Students with a reliable car will park the car at the university campus so they have to be ready to pay for it. But if this creates a problem for you , you can choose the university bus transport to help you save money and have peace of mind.

Improved on time performance

Public transport may cause late arrival of students at university which can disturb their class timings and make them unnecessarily late for the class. While university bus transportation may help the students to determine better ways to improve on time performance

Better communication with driver via SMS

SMS technology allows students to communicate with drivers in order to know when exactly their bus will pick them up which means students can plan accordingly. They do not need to wait for the bus as they can reach the stop at the exact time.

GPS verified pickup and arrival

It is really teasing for someone to wait for the bus and feel like guessing when the bus will arrive. Transportation software can monitor pickup and arrival via GPS and students can check the bus location and arrival time and can also monitor how long it will take to reach their destination.

Field Trips and Athletic Events

Field trips and athletic events can also be managed easily if a university has bus shuttle service. With trained drivers it is fun to have field trips and athletic events as they know all the routes and are experienced. They can play the role of guide as well.

Economically Beneficial

Long term bus shuttle service can be economically beneficial for you. Sound transportation investments lower the costs of moving the people. Universal Bus Charter provides you the bus shuttle service with advanced features at reasonable costs. You can contact us for the best transport service just according to your requirements. Our team will help you to find the best for you. We will make sure that you get what you paid for.