Elder people and senior citizens are an important part of our society. Universal Bus Charter are very proud to give them transport services. We know with the age factor their tendency to bear the harsh surfaces and confined places will be decreased. Our transport services are so comfortable to these senior citizens due to their wide compartments and best interior design. Affordable senior transportation is so crucial to maintain the health and independence of senior people in society.

American Universal Bus Charter services make you visit your doctor easily. In addition to this our reasonable price assists you to do shopping and buying house supplies. We make you improve your quality of life and leave social isolation. Moreover, you are still capable of doing amazing things. Explore the American cities. Connect with your families and friends. In addition to this, we support you to do travels if your age won’t allow that.

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Types Of Transports We Offer For Senior Citizens

We are very proud to offer our services the senior citizens. Universal Bus Charter have a big range of personal cars and buses. More importantly, we provide door-to-door service. Moreover, we offer the facilities of helping bags, wheelchairs, etc. Our minibuses with soft sitting are mostly appreciated. They are preferable for people having disabilities in elder age. We have Luxury SUV for senior citizens. As they are comfortable with spacious seating.

We have special transports for hospitals. However, they are quick and efficient to deal with emergency situations. Moreover, if you are suffering from any critical situation. We will be there for you and save your life. If you want to make the trip with your age group, we offer you coaches, buses, and personal cars. We often used buses and cars that have less or zero noise disruption. Furthermore, if you are suffering from Alzheimer’s and other neurological issues. These transports are safe for you. As they don’t affect your mental health.

Service Providers

For this service, we hire well-trained and experienced drivers. We prefer those drivers who act with patience. In addition to this, they drive slowly and used multiple routes to reach your destination timely. Our other team members relate to each other. In case of any emergency situation, we have emergency plans. Furthermore, we execute them timely. Apart from this our highly trained team also offers discounts to the senior citizens. Our drivers are experienced they know about the routes very well. Universal Bus Charter’s quick and fast service providers prefer the passenger with older age. They will listen to your queries and make a rapid response according to them.

Facilities to Senior Citizens

If you are booking a ride for personal services. Our online portal will take all the information regarding your health conditions. Furthermore, we have special compartments for the elders who are dealing with disabilities. Registered card for the elders gives a special discount to you on each ride. As our public transports also have special compartments with front opening of the bus. And these compartments are reserved for senior citizens. Drivers cross the bridges and tunnels to make you more comfortable. Apart from these, other staff members will cross the bridges with you. They make sure you will reach your destination safely.

Ensure Safety

We are very serious about the safety of senior citizens. So, if you hire our transport, you should not be worried. We give you professional drivers that completely know about the routes.


Firstly, we offer very low-cost transports. Secondly, if you are our regular customers, we will give discounts on each ride. Thirdly with our reliable transport services you will be comfortable and relaxed. For senior citizens who need regular based hospital checkups. Our transports are the best solution for you. With low noise and air pollution, your health will be maintained.

Booking for Senior Citizen Trips

Do you worry about your elder age? But you are a lover of traveling. You don’t want to drive but you need fun. All you need is to hire our transport services. Book the ride online and explore the world with us. With minimum time and quick services, we will make you our permanent customer.