In this age of technology almost every professional wants to expand business. If your business needs to stand out in a competitive job market then add your company’s bus shuttle service to your list of perks. This feature will help you to attract top talent towards your company. Employees always prefer the job with a pick and drop provision.

You can trust Universal Bus Charter to manage all your employees’ transportation. We will provide our services with advanced features and highly skilled, trained and experienced drivers. On the way to the company employees may face many transportation problems as there is not so good public transportation in many areas. These public transportation problems may cause the late arrival of employees on the job.

Their mental stress level may also increase and they cannot pay proper attention to their work which is not good for the company’s production. You need not worry in this aspect. We will make sure the employees enter on time with our dedicated shuttle service. Providing staff a good transportation service is not only good for better management but it also gives your employees the spirit of teamwork and enthusiasm.


There are several benefits to implementing an employee shuttle system.

  • Ensure the safety of employees with trained drivers
  • You can add custom features
  • Employees are always on time
  • Increase the production of company
  • It helps to minimize payroll taxes
  • Reduces traffic stuffing on the road
  • Reduces environmental pollution
  • With good transportation service employees are motivated and energized to start their work
  • A good transportation service attracts top talent of the society
  • It is good for the company’s reputation
  • Reduces employee’s stress level
  • Your employees will probably feel better
  • Increase the employees punctuality
  • Shuttle services can help to increase the employee’s productivity
  • Good shuttles may improve a good opportunity for team building
  • You can track bus location by GPS system of the buses
  • Employees can contact the driver via SMS to know when the bus will pick up them

Here are some good reasons to offer an employee shuttle service

Employee’s Safety

Employee’s safety is the first priority and you can make sure it by hiring good transport for your workers. Universal Bus charter is the best choice in this perspective as we have trained, experienced and highly skilled drivers. They never get late and employee’s safety is their responsibility. Our vehicles are cleaned and checked on a daily basis.

Cost Saving

Another reason to provide transport to employees is to save money. It helps to minimize payroll taxes. By utilizing a larger vehicle that is of right sized for the needs of employees results in an optimized cost / person. On the other hand, employees also feel good as their cost of transport decreased.

Draw in Top Talent

If you want to hire new employees then add company shuttle service to your list of perks. It can be especially attractive for the employees. The gesture will show how much you care about your workers well- being. The top talent will attract to your company and you have more chances to stand out your business via expert people.

Employee’s Punctuality
In the morning around 8am is the peak hour traffic as everyone is in a hurry to reach the office or any job. Many reasons like traffic jams, waiting at signals and lazy driving may cause delays at the office.

Employees’ mental stress increase which reduces worker’s productivity. The only solution to this problem is to provide good transportation service to employees to ensure their punctuality. Employees will feel stress free and their production will also increase.

Environmental Benefits
Another enormous benefit of shuttle service is to reduce the environmental pollution. This is a tremendous environmental benefit. If all the employees working in a company travel on their private vehicles it may cause more air pollution. Therefore shuttle services are beneficial for the environment as they produce less pollution.

Stronger Bond
In this age of competition it is very difficult to work in a team. There is a heavy burden and deadlines to meet. Spending some quality time together is a way to create a healthy team.

Transport shuttle service may be helpful in this regard as employees have a chance to spend some time together. They have a chance to know each other better. This can help to create stronger bonds among the team mates.

Stronger workplace satisfaction and corporate identity
Employees feel more connected and stimulated with the company and other employees when they realize that the company management cares about employees and balances their work life.

The sense of teamwork also develops and employees work better and their productivity level increases. There are lots of benefits of loyal employees to the company. A good shuttle service may be helpful to develop this sense in the workers.

Providing a good shuttle service to the employees is a major attraction for the employees. People looking for employment consider many points including salary package, distance of job place from their residence, travel time, mode of travel, timing etc.

If the company provides good shuttle service to the employees they will prefer this job as they feel much more relaxed about their daily commute. There will be fewer chances to lose talented employees. In addition, the organization becomes a great place to work where company’s management cares about their employees’ well-being and comfort.

Employee Well-being and Productivity
Some shuttle services pick and drop employee’s right at their doorsteps. Providing such shuttle services can reduce the employees stress level to a great extent. When they are stress free they can start their day energetically and their productivity increases.

Lower Demand for Parking
If all the employees travel in their personal vehicle they have to park their vehicles in the parking area of the company. This can create the problem of fewer parking spaces for the employees and management too.

Providing shuttle service to the employees is the only way to solve this problem as a number of employees can travel in a single vehicle. In this way as the vehicles is less in number, their demand for parking areas is also less. So providing good shuttle service can solve your parking problems.

Advanced GPS System
Universal Bus Charter provides transport services with advanced features including GPS system. Through this system the company can track bus location if the employees are late for some reason.

On the other hand employees can also track the bus location and they need not to worry about the bus arrival time. They can reach the stop just before time and don’t miss their bus. This can increase the employee’s punctuality and working time.

Economically Beneficial
Company’s private transportation is economically beneficial for both employees and for the company. Employees can save the money they spend on fuel used in their vehicles daily. While on the other hand it is also economically beneficial for the company. They can minimize the payroll taxes and can reduce their cost.

Stress Free
By hiring long term transportation managers can feel stress free as they do not need to manage the transport on a daily basis. Our transport managers maintain the buses and drivers and reduce your stress level in this regard. Buses are cleaned and checked daily. Technical problems are also solved regularly so that employees never get late to their job.

Improved on time Performance

When employees reach the job on time they start their work and their working hours increase. As they are ready to start their day early and joyfully, the on time performance increases. Good bus transportation may help the workers to determine better ways to improve on time performance. In this way the company gets stand out benefits.

Easily Accessible

Every person working in the company cannot afford a personal vehicle and its fuel cost. Company’s transportation service is the best choice for all the employees to reach the company on time.If employees travel by public transportation they can face many problems like they have to walk a long distance to catch the bus. While on the other hand if they choose to travel by company bus transportation they just have to reach their nearest stoppages that are easily accessible.

Keeps Employees Active

Employees who choose the bus shuttle service to travel to work are active as they get up early in the morning, finish their morning chores and get ready for the job. They are not worried about transport as they know their company bus will pick them up on time. They start their day with a fresh mind and have no stress about pick and drop in any condition or weather.

Wrapping Up!

An Employee shuttle service can bring numerous benefits for your company as mentioned above. If you are interested and want to stand out, your business can contact us for the best services with highly skilled and experienced staff. We will serve you at reasonable prices and will make sure that you get what you have paid for.