35 Passenger Party Bus Rental

A Relaxed 35 Passenger party Bus Rental

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35 Passenger Party Bus Rental

The 35 Passenger Party Bus is one of Universal Bus Charter’s best fleets. It is highly accommodative of any group transportations you may have.

When hosting sports tournaments, corporate events, or weddings, one key aspect you often look into is transportation. How will people ferry from one location to the next? Well, they could have their vehicles, but at times, group travelling is always the best, especially for a team of a common goal. East Coast has lots of companies offering coach rental services, but do they do enough to complement your journey?

Universal Bus Charter, is bringing change in the group transportation industry with its now highly affiliated busses and coaches. One of their best fleets is the 35 Passenger Party Bus . It is a no lesser model from the rest; it provides high laxity and comfort for anyone onboard. Those choosing this model knows well how powerful it is in its operation. It is one safe and comfortable fleets to go for next time you have a larger group travelling.

Key Features of the 35 Passenger Party Bus

Uniques in its exclusive functionality, always this bus is. Here are its major contributing features.

  • Air conditioning and heating system: The Party Bus makes you feel at home with features of highly functioning heating and air conditioning feature installations.
  • Reclining seats: Our buses are comfort zones. We have easy to operate reclining seats to keep you in the most relaxing position you want.
  • Entertainment: Onboard we have a TV monitor and DVD player. You can either listen to music or watch. Because you’ve rented the bus, we will always honour your selections on what you need to watch or listen to.
  • WiFi and power outlets: The bus has secure connecting WIFI and fast-charging power outlets. With these two, you can stay online and even attend meetings and transact online while travelling.
  • Radio: Those who would like to listen to the radio, our bus has a radio system that tunes to both AM and FM. You can, therefore, chose your best channel.
  • Public Adress system: The bus can be a conference room as well. It comes with a public address system you can use in communication while travelling.
  • Luggage storage: It has an overhead luggage storage space to accommodate all your little bags, sweaters, and so on.

From these top-features, the 35 Passenger Coach Bus is a desirable bus for team travel. Universal Bus, Charter has enough of these fleet that you will always get whenever you place a request. Otherwise, depending on the unique requirements of your group, we can as well recommend some of our other fleets. The Van Hool and Setra Bus also carry a maximum capacity of 56 passengers, and they might have the features you better like.

Should you go for 35 Passenger Coach Bus?

Absolutely yes. Its features are amazingly awesome. It has a sizeable accommodative capacity, laxity features, and always best for a wide array of uses. If you’ve tried the other models, give thePassenger Coach Bus a try. It will never fail you.


Universal Bus Charter offers its services in different parts of the east coast. Hence we have the Charter Bus rental in Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland. If you are in any of these areas, you can reach our offices in person to discuss any of your specific travel details.

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