Universal Bus Charter is always a go-to company when it concerns cutting-edge services in group transportation for horse racing trips. Some who have already experience what we offer always keep coming back to explore more of our exclusively attractive services. Horse Racing Trips is one of our highly recommendable packages. It most suites those who enjoy either watching or participating in it. Like any other fun-sports activity, it attracts quite a multitude of die-hard fans coming from all walks of life to experience it live.

Group travelling ever since has never been any convenient, fun, nor reliable when it is with a public means. All these exist when you are a team of you knowing each other and travelling in some private vehicle. You could be friends, colleagues, relatives or of any other close relation. As for the concern of horse racing, you could be the riders going to participate. Well, if you are in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington DC, the best transports solution is right under your nose. Our company, the Universal Bus Charter, is a world-class group transportation agency you may need for a more organized, luxurious trip. Through our horse racing package, we offer a lot more services and give you the much conveniency you need.

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What Does Horse Racing Trips Package Entail?

Here are the key features of the horse racing package.

1. Fast Response

All our transportation services are ever quick. Right when you call, there will be one of us ready to give you an immediate response and arrange a customised trip for you. Under this package, we offer quick responses to pick-up requests, and any client preferred adjustments.

2. Free Trip advises

Apart from the advice you get from our customer care team, you can always get more from our drivers. We hire them from around our main offices; hence they are quite knowledgeable of the best road maps to take to various destinations.

Additionally, because of their nativity, they are aware of the best hotels and restaurants around. From your horse racing grounds, they can advise you on the best to go to for quality meals or rest.

More Features

3. Quality Onboard Features

All our fleets come with super onboard facilities and features. Some of these comprise TV monitors and DVD players for entertainment, WIFI connection, air conditioner, power outlets, and much more. Other features include highly cushioned reclining seats with ample spacing for maximum laxity and comfort. Those boarding our charter buses and minibusses, onboard we have a public address system for communicating to your group. Other features we are are on special requests. These include decorations, and that depends on the occasion.

4. High flexibility

Flexibility cuts across all our packages. We allow a change of route plans to fit your desires. You can come from the horse racing to a casino trips package with only a phone call. However, for more convenience on our part as well as yours, you can always plan for these changes early enough.

How To Book For Our Horse Racing Trips Package

Before going on with the booking on this package, you must confirm it is what you want. From there, you can proceed with the quote making procedure. It will only take you a moment of your time. Note that providing accurate details on your journey trip will be essential to avoid any inconvenience.

Our help team can always help you with any of these – give us a call specifying your travel details, and we will help. If you can reach our main office at Universal Bus charter, Inc. 601 13th street suite 900 south Washington, DC, 20006, then you can make your reservations from there.